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Welcome to PEBBLE HILLS. We are committed to travelers as a means of enriching one’s knowledge and understanding of the real Uttarakhand around us. Uttarakhand is a land apart... Colorful, eventful, intense, adventurous, exotic... the ultimate destination for the traveler, seeking the new the unknown, There is simply no substitute for travel to broaden our view, enrich our culture and stimulate our mind. We understand this at Pebble Hills and we make this all possible on our tours, join and let us make it happen for you.

Our experienced team mates have been taking people on adventures for couple of years now. We are the Adventure tour operator providing trekking tours, motorbikes Tours, Skiing Tours etc. on one side and on the other side we offer weekend getaway tours, Family holidays tours, Wildlife Tours, Cultural Tours, pilgrimage tours etc.


The PEBBLE HILLS is the centre of experiential travel in the Himalayan region of India. We believe, live and promote responsible tourism practices and also contribute to local community upliftment. Be it Adventure, Culture or Nature, we are here to create genuine and lifelong travel experiences for everybody.

Few of the many USPs of pebble hills are:

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