Welcome to PEBBLE HILLS DMC. We are committed to travelers as a means of enriching one’s knowledge of the real Uttarakhand around us. Uttarakhand is a land apart... Colorful, eventful, intense, adventurous, exotic... the ultimate destination for the traveler, seeking the new the unknown, There is basically no substitute for travel to broaden our view, enrich our culture and stimulate your mind. We understand this at Pebble Hills DMC and we make this all possible on our tours, join and let us make it happen for you.
We have a team of enthusiastic travel lovers, trekkers, and adventurers. We invite you to share our love and passion for adventure travel in the Indian Himalayas UTTARAKHAND.
Our experienced teammates have been taking people on adventures for a couple of years now. We are the Adventure tour operator providing trekking tours, motorbikes Tours, Skiing Tours etc. on one side and on the other side we provide getaway tours, Family holidays tours, Wildlife Tours, Cultural Tours, pilgrimage tours and much more.
Blindly, we believe that adventures change lives and we have seen it happen. Our valuable clients have asked us to offer additional destinations in Uttarakhand-INDIA and our team has asked us to take more bookings. We prefer to remain as a mid-sized company with a slow and steady growth in order to provide the best of the best and most consistent product to you.
We want people who work at laptops, computers and spend half of their lives in the office, meetings etc. to meet people with wonder in their innocent eyes who are living off the land and People who are happy it is humbling as well as inspiring. Our tours are a nostrum to modern life. We don't need 4g, we need real relationships, to talk to people, to look them in the eye and offer tailor-made tours to rejuvenation.

Satish Ahuja

Pebble Hill DMC is the brain child of Satish Ahuja who loves to explore new destinations and travel responsibly. A common trait among all the members of pebble hills family is their love for the nature, the people and culture of the region that we work in. It is the passion for traveling responsibly and enjoying the riches of the region that drives us to share these experiences with the larger world. We like to call our travels as EXPERIENCES as they are mostly full of unique and lifelong experiences.


Pebble hills DMC is the center of experiential travel in the Himalayan region of India. We trust, live and promote responsible tourism practices and also contribute to local community enlistment. Be it adventures, culture or nature, we are here to create real and lifelong travel experiences for all.

Few of the many USPs of Pebble Hills DMC are:

  • to give authentic experiences (and not just packages) to all our travelers.
  • focus on the important elements of the travel eco-system: Nature, People, Culture and the traveler
  • Community involvement. When you get involved with Pebble Hills DMC, you are positively impacting the life of at least one person from the community.
  • Work on the principles of Responsible Travel. We believe that travel should be responsible towards Nature,  local community, local sentiments and the local culture.
  • Experiences that span the length and breadth of  Adventure, Culture and Nature

Travel with us and fell the majestic beauty that nature is, feel the high of adventure, understand and live the local culture, interact with people, live the other life and be the harbinger of change. Each and every journey with The Green Locus is a journey of difference. Come, be a part of this journey!

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