Watching animals in the cage at anonymous zoo is a completely different and unrealistic experience than that of wildlife sanctuary or national park. Stop yourself from cheering by looking at the helpless animals in a zoo and observe the real life struggle of animals in a wildlife sanctuary. In Uttarakhand there are 6 national parks and 4 wildlife sanctuaries where you can capture the indisputable expressions of various animals and birds. Waking up with chirping of birds in Uttarakhand instead of the maddening crowd of the city. If you are an avid nature lover, photographer, traveler, adventurer or Vanyajiv lover, Uttarakhand is the such a place where you will meet all your needs. Garhwal Himalayas has some popular national parks and sanctuaries. All of them have been bestowed by nature with its reward.


Jim Corbett National Park is appropriately called the Heaven of Majestic Tigers for the fact that it consists of exotic flora and fauna that shelters a large population of tigers in its breathtaking landscape. Its foundation was led by Sir Edward Jim Corbett (1875-1955) who was a legendary hunter. Snuggled among the foothills of Shivalik Ranges and Himalayas, the Jim Corbett National Park ... View Details


The world famous Valley of Flowers is located in the upper Expan-sions of Bhyundar Ganga in the far int-Erior Garhwal Himalayas. This valley is spread over an area of 87.5 Sq. Kms and it is 3,250 mt to 6,750 mt. above the mean sea level. The rich references of this colorful and eye catching Valley, are found in the animals of Indian History and literature like that of Ramayana and Mahabharat... View Details

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